I am so thankful I found Emily to help me through my first pregnancy. I suffered with severe PGP, and by 25 weeks of pregnancy I could barely walk because of the pain. Other medical people told me I'd likely end up in a wheelchair and no-one seemed to understand my problems. With Emily's expertise, advice and hands-on treatment I was able to stay active, continue working and have the normal delivery I had hoped for. I will go back and see her in a few weeks to get fit now that Theo is here. I will gladly recommend Emily to everyone
I wish I'd known about the help I could have got sooner. I've lived with this gynae problem for 5 years and thought it would never get better. I was recommended Embrace Physio by a friend, and I can't tell you how much meeting Emily has changed my life. She made me feel so at ease, and totally understood my worries and anxieties. We're still working on treatment, but I am delighted to say how much improved things are, and it is the reason I am smiling again!